Sacred Journeys

Read Kim Elkington’s monthly column, Sacred Journeys, exploring the deepening relationship between our authentic selves, each other, and the sentient presence we know as Nature. Published in Vitality Magazine.

  • Sacred Journeys- May 2016 As we move into the renewal that comes with spring, I am aware of the surge of optimism, abundance, and love that fills my veins as the birds return, the rivers flow, and the sun penetrates deeper into my winter bones. The realization is always that this love I feel ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys – March 2015 With March 21st comes the official birth of spring, when the days and nights are of equal length. Spring feels a long way off today, as I warm my feet by a fire after playing road hockey all afternoon. Meantime, on the other side of the country, a friend on ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys – February 2015 This is the year we make our dreams come true. That is a dream come true right there, so we are off to a great start. It would seem that all those who stay calm and watch for the signs are sensing the same promise of successful, self-generated change. This year ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys – December 2014 / January 2015 As we head into what will likely be a snowy winter solstice, it is interesting to look back and see what we manifested in our personal lives that helped us grow in the past year. Likewise it is interesting to see what we experienced collectively that hopefully did the same. We ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys – November 2014 Many of us are not excited at the thought of heading into another winter that could be like last year’s seven months of snow. These days, the natural climate patterns are so unrecognizable it is hard to imagine a milder winter. As the Alberta tar sands (that blast furnace pumping ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys – October 2014 It is always wonderful to hear back from readers who find themselves responding to similar energetic currents and having similar experiences. We are releasing old stories and finding a new inspiring inner balance that expresses as increased love of self. I wrote last month about taking a trip to challenge ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: July-August 2014 As I type five dragonflies are resting on my warm skin. Now one just landed on my hand. Ah, summer is wonderful! I am sitting by the river near a crazy ‘crime scene’ from earlier this week that has provided more lessons in forgiveness and an opportunity to see how I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: June 2014 I have a bed and breakfast in my home and I have come to learn that it creates an opportunity for life to send me interesting people in a timely fashion. The arrival of a particular guest this week had all the significance of just such an encounter. First I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: May 2014 Spring is a returning to a potent time in the yearly cycle; waking from the soul searching of the winter rest; applying this new wisdom to releasing old beliefs that have not borne fruit; planting new seeds; and the birth of new possibilities. Each spring is different from the last, ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: March 2014 Announcing publicly last month that I was going to make a vision board really helped me to follow through with the plan, as I found myself distracted by a billion things. Part of the distraction was a mild anxiety about what I might discover about my life, that I was ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: February 2014 Well according to the Chinese astrological system, this coming year, of the wood horse, is likely to be the  fastest moving  and  most creative explosion of energy within the system’s 60 year cycle. The last four years, ruled by metal and then water, took us on a journey of introspection ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: April 2014 Sacred Journeys – Vitality Magazine April 2014 Astrologers agree that this spring could see some very real change in the world.  Uranus and Pluto are squared  (April 21) as part of a cardinal grand cross that will stimulate opportunities, challenges and transformation. We are in the middle of the Uranus Pluto ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: December 2013 All of us are on a journey right now to embody our authentic self, our presence, as we evolve as a species toward unity consciousness. The configuration of celestial bodies, along with dozens of solar flares, are turning up the heat, and I’m sure you are noticing. Did you recently find ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: November 2013 I have just participated in a global meditation/focus on Fukishima, where we were invited to work together energetically to assist in stabilizing the situation in and around the reactor. I have enjoyed being part of global meditations for many years, decades even, and now the internet is making it so ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: October 2013 How are you feeling since the Equinox? Feeling lighter, less out of focus, a little more optimistic about both your future and the worlds?  I notice my trust is back about my own insights, and confidence that we are definitely operating in a new playing field.  Nine months ago at ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: September 2013 I have just this moment had a fun encounter with a hummingbird wanting to drink from my brightly coloured shirt. He pulled back a foot to observe me and attempted it again, but I giggled, and he went back a pace to observe, and this time looked the giggling flower ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: July and August 2013 Yippee it’s summer! My life is quite busy in the summer  with a Bed and Breakfast at my home, and harvesting herbs for the tea company when the plants are ready and the sun is shining.   So weekends away are planned ahead of time, and extra-special. Attending a folk ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: June 2013 As we approach June 21 and the midway point in our journey this year, I am dazzled by how we are learning to navigate the new energies, and manifest in a completely new way. It has been a wild ride for everyone. Some people might suggest that nothing happened after Dec ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: May 2013 As we move into the renewal that comes with spring, I am aware of the surge of optimism, abundance and love that fills my veins as the birds return, the rivers flow, and the sun penetrates deeper into my winter bones. The realization is always that this love I feel is ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: April 2013 I celebrated with friends the arrival of spring equinox and the balance of light and dark that it signifies. We gathered, as is our habit, at a log cabin in the middle of a tree-lined field. One person brings everything needed for dinner. As there was lots of fresh snow this ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: March 2013 Spring arrives March 21st. In eastern Canada we are not yet seeing tree buds as they have been since February out west, but wherever we find ourselves, this is a season for dreaming what we would like to cultivate in our lives, and in the world. We have an opportunity ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: February 2013 Well here we are at the start of a new year, and a new cycle, where our bliss can fill the world’s sails. My Dec 21st experience was quite beautiful. Five of us met up at a cabin in the woods. We had a lovely dinner as it snowed and ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: December 2012/January 2013 Well, here we are in the nano second of the nano second (1982-2012), and what a highly charged and creative time to be alive. I have decided to inspire my winter journey past the end of the Mayan calendar by placing myself within an epic tale. My heroine plays her ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: November 2012 Thank you all for the inspired and inspiring emails over the last few months. It is so lovely for me to connect and sense the family that we are, especially during this amazing journey (wild ride) we are on. The experience right now can definitely take us to great heights ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: October 2012 We are now less than three short months away from the return to zero point, the end of the Mayan calendar: the alignment with the centre of our galaxy. Welcome to the Nanosecond. Is it fast and intense enough for you? For me personally, the last few months have been like ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: September 2012 “To reinvent humanity, you must be courageous and bold. Walk the path that calls to you. Nevermind convention, expectations from others or old ways of being. Allow yourself to actually become new. To do and be different.” Life at the Ideafrontier, Meredith Murphy The above quote arrived in a morning email. I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: July/August 2012 The tree birthed the drum so that we, and spirit, can speak a common language. (Bonnie Devlin) One of my favourite events of the year is Eastern Ontario Women’s Drum Camp. Although we have big native pow wow drums and middle eastern temple tars, aboriginal didgeridoos, and evening kirtan with Indian instruments accompanying ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: June 2012 As many of you are likely aware, there is a great deal of excitement amongst astronomers, astrologers and the channeled beings about the astrological alignments, particularly between May 20 and June 20 summer solstice this year. For many, this is heralding the beginning of the new golden age. It is ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: May 2012 It was wonderful how many of us were drawn to appreciate the sight of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury in the early spring evening skies recently. We should all look up more often – there is a lot going on up there, and it is all very much alive, powerful and ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: April 2012 Many of us felt pushed to the end of our rope this winter in one way or another. We had to address imbalances and, at the very least, we began to sense what we needed to change. Spring is when the earth is in balance between light and dark, and ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: March 2012 I have been asked recently, how we might best recognize our true path during this time of great change. My first response is ‘hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride’. But, more helpfully, I’d suggest keeping a good perspective. For myself it is waking each day knowing I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: February 2012 Well we have arrived. For me 2012 is a rite of passage year; for each of us individually as well as it is for humanity, and perhaps most importantly for the earth. We have no prophesies for what is coming after this time, except that it is a golden age, expressed ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: Dec 2011/Jan 2012 This spring I was feeling drawn to go to Sedona for 11:11:11. I did not have a reason or an event, just a desire. So did a few hundred other people it ends up. When I arrived there and looked around at the ‘tribe’ that also had felt this compulsion I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: November 2011 Many of the more poignant events in my life have involved coming together with other like-minded people around an event. The place of the event is also significant, as sometimes it is a gathering at a temple or a vortex or an ancient sacred site. Most recently it has been, ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: October 2011 I recently returned from a retreat in Mount Shasta, California. I gathered with other like-minded beings who were drawn there to explore the magnificent energy. Each day, we envisioned sending golden, and pure white roots of light pouring out from our heart chakra, anchoring themselves in the core of mother earth, and ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: September 2011 What extraordinary times we live in. Time being the operative word there. This summer the energies have been intense, fluctuating between highly charged, to periods of inertia. In the highly charged periods I am so full of love for humanity and the blue of the sky I will burst: then I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: July 2011 My home is on a river with a couple of acres around it. So I was lucky enough to look out the kitchen window this morning and see a turtle looking for a nice sandy place to lay her eggs. She headed over to the roses, changed her mind and came ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: June 2011 ni ugh izhi chigay nib onji I will do it for the water In this continuing series on 2012 and the new earth, I would like to offer you a perfect example of living from your authentic heart. It is a story about the love and respect one native grandmother for the ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: May 2011 As this column has been focused recently on 2012, let’s explore the future evolution of sexuality, and how we might enjoy working with sexual energy to co-create a new Earth. Sex in the new earth will be sacred. At first that might sound like a pious affair that is so respectful ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: April 2011 Last month’s column, in answer to a question from a reader, began to explore where we might find ourselves by the end of the Mayan calendar. This calendar began16.5 billion years ago and is ending, depending on your sources, either October 28, 2011 or Dec 12, 2012. Last month I ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: March 2011 I have been asked in emails recently what I imagine might happen in 2012. It’s great question. I’d love to ask a lot of people too. About twenty-five years ago in fact, I wanted to make a documentary series about this very topic. The focus would be on asking spiritually ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: February 2011 At the close of last year, I had the honour of meeting three Kogis Indians who were making a rare visit from their home in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Columbia. The Kogis may beamongst the most evolved beings on the planet. Being in their presence shifted me at the ... Read more.
  • Sacred Journeys: December 2010 As we head into the close of this year, with its accompanying darkness in the northern hemisphere, we move also toward the rebirth of light at winter solstice. Just before the days become longer, one is acutely aware of the adjusting we have to do to the darkness. For some, there ... Read more.

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