Our Tea Stories

Homestead Blend is a wonderful cold remedy which was used by the early settlers. Anise Hyssop is not Anise, but does have a mild licorice flavour, hence its name. It is wonderful mixed with black tea and wonderful iced.

Sweetfern Tonic is a gentle and highly effective tonic which is designed to move toxins from lungs, blood and lymph’s and then has ingredients that assist liver, kidney , gal bladder and urinary track, so the ‘cleansing organs’ are never burdened, but rather are gently strengthened. Excellent to use everyday.(Our customers write with great results for those with arthritis and undergoing chemo or suffering from bad skin). Sweetfern is fed to cows with stomach cancer, and seems to clear it up (I don’t know if this trick has been tried on humans yet)

Lucid Dream helps you remember your dreams when taken just as you fall asleep (does not keep you awake).The plant Sweet Gale myricia gale (not to be confused with a close relative which is often given the same ‘common name’ in western Canada) grows along moving rivers and is picked by canoe. The roots of each plant are connected to each other underwater, and can be used by the more dedicated dreamer to ‘dream with others’ (Jung would have loved this plant!)

Peace Tea is a blend that enables us to feel the tranquillity and calmness of the earth and ourselves. This rich, musky bitter-sweet tasting tea grounds our being in the sweet beautiful flowing meadow culture of herbs, giving us the peace and security of a warm sunny park.

Awakening Tea is a blend that has been designed to be a balanced stimulant, providing the boost we so often need in our busy lives, without the agitated feelings often associated with caffeine.

Sacred Blend combines three sacred herbs to offer us a blessing to help cleanse and heal our lives. The power of these herbs bring us many healing qualities, as well as a deep sense of tranquility, calm and focus. Known by Native Americans who use these herbs to burn ‘smudge’ ceremonially.

All our teas are certified organic and ethically wildcrafted in the Canadian wilderness.