Sacred Journeys: April 2011

Last month’s column, in answer to a question from a reader, began to explore where we might find ourselves by the end of the Mayan calendar. This calendar began16.5 billion years ago and is ending, depending on your sources, either October 28, 2011 or Dec 12, 2012. Last month I spoke more about what is happening to the Earth herself, both scientifically and mystically, and how those changes are inspiring us to shift as well.

There is a new consciousness being birthed, and we are both the babes being re-born and the Earth’s midwives. She has begun to go into contractions. We can ease them by actively calling in our positive future.

We can fill with love and let it be the basis of all that we say and do. We can make choices based on what would be best for all of us, and demand that our governments do so as well. Enlightenment will begin right here, in the simple choices we make around energy, politics, food, and relationships.

There is no question that these next few years will see us united through adversity, and united in consciousness as never before in human history.

The question is, will our resolve be enough to propel us into an enlightened future on a new Earth. My gut feeling is that we should be further along than we are right now. We have, too often, been seduced into turning the other cheek. However, the frequency of change is intense, and each of us will be caught in an updraft and find ourselves stepping up to the plate. As the planet vibrates higher, we are responding: those socio-political patterns that are dense and repressive are beginning to shatter, facilitating the release of a new more loving and supportive configuration.

Think of the fruit seller in Tunisia. His death began a revolution that is spreading around the world, even to Wisconsin, and it has just begun. Our collective hearts recognize that, in order for us to be birthed into a new world, we need to be released from oppression, whether at the hands of banks or dictators. In the west we will be demonstrating, and bringing change with our wallets, whereas, in poorer and often more repressed countries the changes will likely be more violent. Politically, the world has been at the mercy of billionaires controlling governments designed to support billionaires. As Michael Moore said in Wisconsin recently, “It is an affront to freedom, morality and humanity.” The revolution ahead must be fuelled by each one of us being present in each moment.

The energy this spring is the perfect time to get involved and help plant the seeds of change we seek in the world: add our weight to keeping gold mining residue from the lakes; help stop the nuclear industry from burying used fuel rods under the great lakes (yes that is their plan and it will happen if we don’t do something about it); help fight to keep corporate piracy out of the Arctic (Suzuki Fdn); join a seed saving group to make sure Monsanto is unable to sterilize and own all the seeds in the world; promote the robin hood tax, where the banks give us .05% of their profits in tax. (google youtube The Banker robin hood).

A fun way to get political is to bring love into your conversations all the time. Love is the most powerful transformative energy in the universe, and every time we ask ‘what would love do now’ we will get the highest guidance, and make the right decision not only for ourselves but for the collective as well.

This is the last spring equinox of the Mayan calendar. Plant some intentions that are political, and planetary. Make sure, while you are at it, that you clear the old seeds that might have been planted years ago out of fear or anger or jealousy. They clog the garden and keep us locked in an old dense existence. You will recognize them every time you feel yourself crash-land for a moment or two. Those are the old negative beliefs and thought patterns, attachments etc. See them for what they are and remove them from your future way of being. Ho’oponopono is a simple and powerful technique for releasing.

This spring will bring enormous change. Ask yourself: “Is what I am doing with my life good for the community or does it put money into the hands of the billionaire overlords?”. If the latter, step into the river and let the new octave flow through you. There is nothing to fear but inaction.

Trust yourself. After all you are a wise spirit in a body, giving itself permission to wake up and co-create a new community and a new Earth. Food and sex have a role in all of this too, but we’ll save that discussion for next time.

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