Sacred Journeys: December 2010

As we head into the close of this year, with its accompanying darkness in the northern hemisphere, we move also toward the rebirth of light at winter solstice. Just before the days become longer, one is acutely aware of the adjusting we have to do to the darkness.

For some, there is a sense of the darkness pressing in on them, revealing some discomfort that requires their attention; for others it is acknowledging what we might be taking for granted, like the light itself, and feeling gratitude that change is a constant; for others it is a glorious time to pull in and snuggle in with the womb of creation and begin to dream the new year ahead.

Together we are facing the darkness in the world, facing our dysfunction. We are uncovering secrets, no longer turning a blind-eye or letting someone else deal with the corruption. We feel the vastness of our numbers witnessing the error of our ways, and through our witnessing, we are discovering that we are the light. Together we are committing to the truth, and to the liberating knowledge that what we think and say, matters.

It certainly feels as if the whole world is about to turn a corner, and it started this summer. I know it will take some slogging to get through to the light ahead; however, I have high expectations for 2011, and based on the intense rate of change now, I think we will meet them!

At the Algonquin Tea booth at the Royal Winter Fair (RWF) in Toronto, we were encouraged everyday by the enormous change in the public. Fifteen years ago, offering some men a sample of herbal tea, was almost an affront to their manhood. This year, nine years old boys were vying for position for a second helping of herb tea samples. Some even spent their fair money, not on hot apple strudel with ice cream, but on a box of herb tea, for their own use! If boys, of the next generation, are good-naturedly fighting over herb tea, it bodes well for the future of the world.

The RWF this year coincided with a world meditation focused on visualizing a harmonious new world, at 11:11am and pm for eleven consecutive days, beginning November 11. I would visualize a world where separation and duality have ceased and where we are co-operating in a world of joy and unity. It was powerful the first day: the meditation began as thousands of people around me at the Fair stood still, for Remembrance Day. Bagpipes were played, followed by a gorgeous silence, where we could sense the whole world standing still, aware of each other, connecting heart to heart, longing for peace and an end to war. As I opened my eyes, a tear fell down my cheek, and I saw that the woman who stood nearest me, was also crying. A very poignant and beautiful start to a world meditation/ visualization.

This year, solstice is also going to be very potent. Not only is December 21st the longest night of the year, and the rebirth of the cycle of Light, it is also a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

For those following the Mayan Calendar ( we have also just entered a fruitful period named Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld where we are ending a 5,100 year cycle of masculine, left brain dominance. Now we will experience harmony between men and women in every part of society; within our own relationships; and within ourselves. Barbara Hand Clow ( is envisioning an end to war this coming year, ‘since division of partnership is the genesis of violence’.

Many elders from around the world believe the path was cleared for this great change at the Return of the Ancestors gathering in Santa Fe a year ago last spring ( At that event Spiritual Elders from around the world came together to do ceremony. Here the wings of the Condor and the wings of the Eagles truly touched as the prophesies had promised. On the second day they were guided to release ceremonially, the pain between men and women in the world. As they did so the hills were filled with the energies of the ancestors. Those with the sight could see thousands of spirits filling the hills around the pure hearted men and women who represented all of us in the ceremony, until the pain was released.

This coming year is said to be one of great healing, and we are encouraged to celebrate it at every opportunity. This Solstice we are moving within, for some personal time, to prepare for a year of heart-based living, in a new harmonious world that will be of our own creation.

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