Sacred Journeys: December 2013

All of us are on a journey right now to embody our authentic self, our presence, as we evolve as a species toward unity consciousness. The configuration of celestial bodies, along with dozens of solar flares, are turning up the heat, and I’m sure you are noticing.

Did you recently find yourself feeling threatened; engaged in peace keeping; having to explain yourself; having your sense of safety challenged? This last month Uranus and Pluto were in the skies inviting us to our own revolution, but it was often not a comfortable place to be. Trauma, held in our bodies for ages of time, is being called out to be transformed. The work we are doing right now has been highly confrontational of our own fears, and is expunging those shadows.

Our higher presence, which resonates at a higher frequency, is aligning with us all the time, and will flow into our mental, emotional, physical bodies as we are willing to allow that presence. It means that we need to purge what is too dense a frequency and is preventing us from receiving more of our authentic self. Because it is a global ‘evolutionary course’ we are enrolled in (whether we are conscious of it or not) a lot of this gets played out publicly.

All around me I was witnessing people with hurt feelings, bursts of anger or tears, from many who are not so inclined. People exhausted and ill. The clue to finding the trauma is , if you feel uncomfortable, know that your presence is bringing you an opportunity to air some feelings that are holding you back from feeling self love. Self love is the guide.

For a few reasons, I would like to give you an example that was part of my experience recently. At a tea show, where I was selling my wares – The Algonquin Tea Co. – I was asked if we were native owned and I said simply that we were not. Usually, if asked and when time allows, I also explain we are named after the Algonquin (park) bioregion because we only use plants indigenous to that ara, and because we, who live in the Ottawa Valley and call this area ‘home, are living on unceded Algonquin Territory. I will add that the artist, who did our boxes, apprenticed with Norval Morrisseau, and is a dear friend, and that is usually fine. Not in this case under the Uranus Pluto sky. It became a public confrontation.

In the end the simple solution was to state more directly on the website that we are a ‘non-native’ company, knowing that there is misunderstanding.

And what do we do in these situations in the months ahead when we might feel triggered or challenged. Step back and breathe into the moment, remember your center, your neutral place, where you are connected to your eternal presence. It is a matter of shifting in the moment. In this place you become aware of everything around you, and can slow down each moment so that, rather than respond to any physical or emotional responses your shadow is kicking in, you stop the response, and become the space between the reactions. From here you are fully present and able to make clear choices that support your authentic self.

The Uranus Pluto square is active between 2012 and March 2015.

The last time Uranus and Pluto were squared was the birth of the peace movement in 1966. This present cycle is squaring that earlier cycle and will be bringing dynamic cultural paradigm shifts. We are the timeline that will herald a golden age, and it begins now, through releasing our shadows, an act of self-love.

Self love means embracing all the truth of you; all of your stories. Some people may not want to hear or know your stories, rather they will be focused on facts that distort the larger picture of you. Science has trained us to look for objective facts, but often, without the subjective context, we only learn facts, rather than the larger truth. The dualistic world of the past, us vs them, black vs white, is thankfully breaking down; lines in the sand dissolve as our stories emerge, creating a new consciousness.

“The universe is made of stories not atoms.” Muriel Rukeyser

As a friend reminded me recently, atoms are 1% form, and 99% space. Likewise we are 1% fact, 99% stories of dancing energy. Love and compassion flow through the unifying space that connects us all. From there we can create forgiveness, peace and respect, and co-create their factual expressions in the world of form.

In these times each of us is learning to think with our hearts, to be clear and kind with ourselves and each other, so that we can light the new world we are co-creating.

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