Sacred Journeys: July 2011

My home is on a river with a couple of acres around it. So I was lucky enough to look out the kitchen window this morning and see a turtle looking for a nice sandy place to lay her eggs.

She headed over to the roses, changed her mind and came toward the house and motored around the corner to the mock orange bushes. My mom was here and we went from window to window, watching to see where she laid her eggs, so as to ensure the area was not disturbed. We could barely keep up with her, as she circumnavigated the house in record time. We were amazed at how fast she was moving, and laughed at the assumptions we had in our mind about turtles moving slowly. It is a beautiful little analogy of how we are constantly being given opportunities to re-examine how we see the world in our changing times. As I think of it now, it was also a story of how the earth (represented by the turtle) is moving swiftly, and with determination, towards birthing a new future.
Humanity is on a similar journey, and as the Hertz frequency of the earth increases as she aligns with the center of the milky way galaxy, all of us on the surface are learning to vibrate faster too.
This summer the pace will continue to be intense, as we streamline to our new world frequency. I think the good news is that, collectively, our social imaginations are evolving. We are becoming more aware of ourselves as being part of a larger energy, a ‘oneness’, and from that awareness we are ending the illusions of duality (us vs. ‘them’). This new understanding is hugely empowering, and encouraging us to want to take responsibility for the world we are creating.
Around the world, for example, people are saying no to political oppression. In Vancouver, citizens are saying no to excusing irresponsible non-political mobs. In some west African villages, if a teenager has broken the law in some way, they place them in the center of the village and tell the teenager all the good stories they have of her or him, that they hold in their collective memories. The teenager usually never breaks the law again, because they feel witnessed, and reminded they are an important part of the community. For the Vancouver ‘rioters’, being identified on the web by their village, there is an opportunity to stop sleep-walking and begin their journey into responsible wakefulness. This is true for all of us right now.
This is the time to remember our true selves; what I would call our ‘cosmic’ selves. To keep pace with the earth we need to lighten our load of limiting beliefs. They hold us back from becoming our true magnificent selves where we can vibrate higher and faster. There is no room for negative beliefs in the new world, about our selves, or others. These come from instilled fear of one form or another. We are facing them all this year, clearing them, will be no walk in the park. The ‘cosmic self’ is never overwhelmed by our circumstances, but guides us to stand up to what appears to overwhelm us. By standing up to the adversity we are strengthened.

I heard a beautiful analogy yesterday. Elephants raised in captivity are tied with heavy chains to big trees when they are young. They struggle to get away but cannot overpower the large chains. As adults they are only tied with small ropes around small trees and are unaware that they are strong enough to leave and run free whenever they choose. They have been so conditioned to see themselves as limited and confined they are unaware as adults that their perceived restrictions are an illusion.
Likewise, humanity is increasingly being shown, collectively and as individuals, that we are waking from a long sleep, and that in fact we can break free from the limitations of past beliefs and metamorphose into joyous loving multi-dimensional beings. Until we completely let go of those limits, we will co-create for ourselves opportunities to see the falseness of those limits.

Each time we breathe more love into a situation and let go of whatever is stressing us out, whether it’s a belief, a need or an expectation, we will surrender more into our larger ‘cosmic’ self. All of us are facing extraordinary circumstances. As we deepen into our experiences this summer, we will release expectations and expand more deeply into each moment. We will have no choice. For some it will be an opportunity to be of service to others who feel stretched to their limit or numbed by the pace and intensity of the changes taking place around them.

We are capable of creating heaven on earth, and as each of us wakens to that possibility, more and more, the potential for humanity becomes limitless. Truly, limitless.

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