Sacred Journeys: July-August 2014

As I type five dragonflies are resting on my warm skin. Now one just landed on my hand. Ah, summer is wonderful!

I am sitting by the river near a crazy ‘crime scene’ from earlier this week that has provided more lessons in forgiveness and an opportunity to see how I am evolving. And, with all such tales, there is a metaphor to the larger story we are sharing these days.

I went outside Tuesday morning to discover the centre piece tree outside my kitchen window, a beautiful Italian pear tree that I had nurtured through three tough winters, was gone. I shouted NO! at the top of my lungs at the shock of loss. I spoke to that tree regularly, thinking we’d grow old together.  As I inspected the crime scene, it had clearly been chopped down, dragged to the water, where it lay partially submerged and half chewed, and finally deserted by some beavers that live up river.

At the time two gourmet cooks were staying here. Later that afternoon I saw them standing on the shore talking to two massive beavers that were happily eating the Italian pear tree, not 5 feet away. The two on the shore quickly surmised that the beavers, being gourmet’s, had not abandoned the tree but were soaking it to soften the wood.  The bark was orange and smelled of cooked pumpkin and pear. They ate every single bit of that tree. I joined the guests on the shore, appreciating the beavers obvious delight as they made happy little groaning noises to each other, enjoying their wonderful good luck.

What I noticed about that whole experience, was how my response was not stemming from an old version of the world, where we are victims of larger forces;  ‘how unfair’ (victim) or even ‘what can you do” (surrender), or the more classic, ‘lets shoot the vermin’ (revenge). There was the initial shock of loss, but my emotional response was to forgive the beavers for enjoying life. I understood that I had played a part by introducing an irresistible variety, and not wrapping the tree with chicken wire like all the other trees near the shore.  Interesting that the guests had that same response. I think it is a genuine change in the air. We are shifting out of the war of duality where one is right and one is wrong, one is righteous and one is to blame, into a new, wiser, playing field. We are learning to shine our light and love onto what we believe is the best outcome for all, and that it has power to create real change. In other words, it is all in how we respond, what we hold in our hearts, how we energize the next moment.

A recent example of how we are responding differently was when Harper’s government gave a green light to  the ‘Northern Gateway’ pipeline. The response was immediate, and evolved. My inbox was full of like minded groups, from Eco-justice to to  national newspapers and media editorials, where voices expressed that the pipeline will not happen because we are coming together in solidarity with the environment and with First Nations. We collectively can see that Big Oil and Big Business have a model that cares about the environment only as much as they need to, in order to get what they want. The majority do not accept their model, and we will change outcomes together. We are calm and confident. We are lending our light to First Nations peoples, where it should have been for a long, long time. They have been up against the biggest corporations in the world, leading the fight to make sure there is a world here to enjoy, in seven generations. That’s a big change.

Another recent example of the shift occurred at the one year anniversary of Snowden’s release of information on the NSA and government/corporate spying. A year ago he was seen, by many people, as a criminal. A year later, the public response was ‘reset the net’ which provided internet and cell phone users with programs to encrypt their private personal information. Within 24 hours Vodaphone (the AT&T of Europe) released a complete transparency report on the millions of times they were required to hand over personal information to the government. Within the week Rogers came clean with their own list. The Guardian and New Yorker backed the launching of a secure site for whistle blowers to submit documents in a secure platform without tracking called ‘SecureDrop’ (based on Schwartz’ architecture). Snowden, Wikileaks and Schwartz (there was a good documentary that headlined Hot Docs   The Story of Aaron Schwartz), are  enabling us to come together safely as a community, and share a vision of a different way of living together, sharing the planet, and its resources. Don’t shoot the beaver. Acknowledge how they work and outsmart them.

I know the beaver tale is a small example, but it was showing me that I am ‘responding’ to the world as the conscious 99%, rather than from ego and fear. I was outside of a victim response and instead knew could acknowledge my part in it, and change that outcome without blame or any distress. In fact I would say that our collective psyche is choosing to respond from a place of knowing we embody that light in all our responses. It is simply happening, like the 100th monkey phenomena.

Next time I will grow two naturalized apple trees and wrap their trunks in chicken wire, and invite the beavers over instead for burdock tea.

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Green economics is a heart path
Where we can honour all our relations
All Blessings,  All Love,  All of Us

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