Sacred Journeys: June 2013

As we approach June 21 and the midway point in our journey this year, I am dazzled by how we are learning to navigate the new energies, and manifest in a completely new way. It has been a wild ride for everyone.

Some people might suggest that nothing happened after Dec 21st 2012, but I think that we were profoundly changed. We’ve talked about this here before, but to reiterate, it feels like we crossed a threshold and became light seeds floating outward in a burst, like parts of a dandelion in the wind.

I notice the quality of the light is different, and that my heart is buzzing in some ‘different’ sort of way; rather than a hand at my back or a thread through my crown carrying me forward, it is a toroidal energy form in my chest that is guiding me.

Certainly we know our Sun is zapping us with huge X class flares that are changing the frequency of the earth in terms of magnetic resonance. Scientists are also measuring how the flares are stimulating more Theta waves, altering our atmosphere (we have been very beta oriented as a species). Theta makes us more psychic, which sounds good. For me, much of what has been going on is our adjusting to the new frequencies of life, as we can no longer sustain more dense negative beliefs that can weight us down. They have been presenting in a myriad of ways, but a sure sign something needs airing out is feeling lethargic, exhausted or even ill. So as we move through this period we have likely found ourselves needing and offering support as we all adjust to the new energy.

I am a great supporter of unity consciousness and the belief that we are all connected ultimately as One. However, as soon as we passed winter solstice, I discovered that what was weighting me down, was a belief that I am alone. A conflict of interest there, to be sure. Not the strong sovereign sort of alone, but the unsupported and isolated version of feeling alone, that my teenager cultivated and has been influencing how I manifest my life ever since. That was the source of my ‘tired’ feeling, that needed to be healed and released.

Being multidimensional beings we can tackle an issue wherever it presents, and have it impact the rest of our expression. In my case it was an unexpected source. It was a series of business meetings, where I was given tools to look at the details of how my business worked. I was supported energetically and practically, so that I was not ‘alone’ trying to work in a vacuum. I faced some tough decisions, shed light where I had not wanted to look, and was empowered by it, and supported by the process. It immediately impacted every other aspect of my life, where that belief was at its core. It has been a quest, into the darkness, where I looked into the eyes of what I feared, and in that moment it dissolved. Now energy is flowing in a new way and I am connecting more seamlessly with the universe. I’ve got my unity consciousness ‘groove’ back, and feeling like a sovereign being once again.

For example I came away from a meeting knowing I needed three items, all of which are expensive. Two were offered to me for free, by people who had no idea I required them, and the third, a new car presented itself in a delightful way. I was admiring a car in town by someone’s home, and decided that was the type of car I wanted. Googled its’ stats and went to my mechanic to tell him what I was looking for (he goes to auctions) and was greeted with the news that he had already bought one with me in mind, and it was the car I was seeing at the house in town. The car already existed, and I just needed to recognize what I wanted and it was mine. When I think back, the first time I saw the car I said ‘that’s my car’. The thought was made in my heart and then manifest. This is the way the energy is working now, and it requires just releasing the blocks.

The universe is happy to energize our thoughts, empowering us with incredible energy to create. Watch the seeds you are planting in your heart grow into the new light this beautiful world is radiating, and enjoy the fruit.

ps…. rumour has it time will slow down after the solstice, and it will all, literally, feel lighter.

“Your sacred seed, your spark of life, awaits only the
cooperation of your totally still heart center. When you
have extended this cooperation, the sacred seed will
begin to grow, to fulfill its cosmic pattern as the
human hull falls away and allows the holy
metamorphosis to be completed.”

~ The Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson

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