Sacred Journeys: March 2011

I have been asked in emails recently what I imagine might happen in 2012. It’s great question. I’d love to ask a lot of people too. About twenty-five years ago in fact, I wanted to make a documentary series about this very topic.

The focus would be on asking spiritually minded people from cultures around the world if their culture foretold of a time of great change and what it might be about, and likewise what they were sensing.

Indigenous peoples around the world, who are still connected to the earth and her stories, have sensed this was coming for thousands of years. The culture of industry and modern Christianity have dominated our collective vision for so long that many of the indigenous people no longer know or value their stories, at least that is how it seemed twenty five years ago. The blinders are flying off.

The spiritually minded of the west have been seeking out the wisdom of indigenous elders; psychics and intuitives have been sharing their insights and messages and teaching others to trust their inner knowing by the thousands, people have been traveling to sacred sites in far larger numbers and indigenous people are confirming the stories the intuitives’ are receiving at those same sites. Ceremonies, celebrations prayers and meditations are taking place daily, that are focused on remembering who we really are, both as members of this human family, and as part of the cosmic dance.

So 2012 from a human-centric view we are waking up and everything in the universe is conspiring to help. The fun part is when we are fully awake the world is going to look and feel very different. Imagine feeling one with the universe and also an individual within it; imagine merging with love. That’s where we are headed if we have the courage to get there.

The Coles notes version is we quickly learning to think with our hearts; that we are not separate from each other; not separate from nature; that the earth is a living evolving entity, like the rest of the universe; that our souls are eternal and perfect. As humans we have been exploring a third dimensional reality in our physical form, exploring free will and non-interference (a prime directive if you will), but that now the earth is ready to birth herself into a higher vibrational frequency. For us to go with her, we have some work to do and we don’t really need to go looking for it, it is coming to us. Every challenge we are facing is a lesson; an opportunity to heal and release what is keeping us from allowing more love and more light into our bodies, minds, and hearts. To survive in a higher frequency we have to face and release the fears, the isolation, and all the emotional baggage that we carry as individuals, and as a society, and through the cells of our ancestors. That’s what is happening right now. That is the part that seems dark. We are seeing the madness of our ways, how complacent we have been, for centuries in fact, while we let those in power convince us we were separated from creator, sinful creatures, unworthy in everyday. This is the dark and painful dream we are waking from now.

Each of us will have a journey ahead where ewe will explore some simple truths. One is that we are divine expressions of creator, in the process of waking up to that truth. That as creators we are like magnets and what we believe we create. That is a big lesson there. We are creating this reality. When we wake up to how wonderful our true nature is, and that each of us is a wonderful divine soul that wants love, and joy and community, we’ll create it in the world.

A great way to explore this is through sacred sex. Before I get into that fun topic, there are a few other ideas I wanted to share.

It seems impossible at first glance that we could be evolving that quickly, but the hundredth monkey point has been passed and we are unstoppable now. There are forces at work that are bring us to the next level and it is all divinely being played out. We can trust that everything is unfolding as it should. At a human level of change, there have been people focusing on this their while lives, and their parents before them, (many of you reading this are who I mean) and these people, known affectionately as light workers have been and continue to hold this energy by being immersed in it. There are people who know nothing of this mythic version, but only that they must be filled with truth and light and love. As each one of us stands in our truth, and light and love we radiate energy, a frequency that is our natural birthright. As we hold this energy, those who are feeling isolated and fearful will recognize it and begin to shift. As each one shifts they will move deeper into sensing the collective, the ‘oneness’ of which we are a living part. Socially we will run into old rules and patterns of belief that no longer reflect who we are and we will witness them collectively and change them. That has been happening already with everything from the oil spill to the opening in the heart of Egypt, the birthplace of our most recent western civilization, a part of the world that also still holds an ancient belief in hierarchal rule, class inequality and war that we still carry today in the modern expression of democracy. This repressive energy has bound us for so long it has emerged itself in the jargon of our governments and many of our laws. But reason, void of heart, has no defense against love and light and truth. They vibrate so differently they don’t know how to attack; they have to surrender to the power of the collective.

The battle between light and dark is inside each one of us, and as we step into our hearts the battle is over. Because each of us is doing this at the same time, it is going to bring enormous change and a change in frequency we can barely comprehend from our present dimension.

Now this has been a very human view of 2012 so far, and the story really is about our home, our beautiful earth, evolving. Another element to all of this is the tremendous number of channellers around the world sharing information about how we are doing, as seen through the eyes of apparently hundreds of species of being existing and the higher frequencies and monitoring our journey like loving midwives. They are boldly making themselves known, allowing themselves to be seen, and according to military insiders, they have been dismantling the nuclear arsenals around the world. They have interfered enough that they have taken away the dangerous toys so that the kids cannot interfere with their mother’s next metamorphosis. So in this regard I think before 2012 is out, we will be aware globally of the presence of not only intelligent life but of a galactic federations of benevolent beings that are supporting us to shift into the next phase of our evolution.

Having said all of this, I think it will also just unfold, one amazing day after another, and suddenly in 2013 we’ll realize we are not at all who we were just two years ago. And we will continue to evolve and increase our capacity to love and work with light until at some point down the decade we’ll wake up as fifth dimensional beings.

Well, there is no space to talk about great techniques for evolving, like sacred sex, so I’ll save that for next month.

Star bunny Kim over and out!

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