Sacred Journeys: March 2012

I have been asked recently, how we might best recognize our true path during this time of great change. My first response is ‘hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride’. But, more helpfully, I’d suggest keeping a good perspective. For myself it is waking each day knowing I am a being of divine light, inhabiting a body, gifted by the earth. The more I align with this connection, the happier I am, and the happier I am, the more I am perfectly on my path. There is nothing to ‘do’ but radiate the love I feel in my happy suit. So what makes you happy?

Imagine you had 10 million dollars and just a few more months here on the planet, what would you do to give yourself the most joy? Keep in mind that if you are fully expressing your personal joy you are pouring the most delicious nectar into the world, adding to everyone else’s ability to access their personal joy. So what would you do? Now is a good time to put this Vitality down for a minute and at least start a list of possibilities that you can return to later.

Mine would definitely involve dancing.

Here is an example of how I am consciously living my life these days, and of how quickly we can manifest, in physical form, what we believe. Manifesting, by the way, begins with us holding a belief in our spiritual being, then thinking and feeling it is true; then the physical version just shows up. I am single and have been doing the dating thing off and on. Rural on-line dating is particularly unusual, as it can take a month of emails before it works out you can meet, and by then there is some sort of Edwardian romance going on, and you might not hit it off in person. In some cases you never get a chance to meet because someone living much closer got in there before you could charm the pants off them (pardon the expression). It is easy in these long virtual ‘courtships’ to develop hopes and expectations that are not based on truth, but on the illusion that you ‘need’ or ‘deserve’ love. When it falls through you can feel shocked and devastated. But what does that all mean really? For me, it is the best sort of therapy. It lets me see my fearful beliefs (aging, not enough good men, rejection, isolation) that are hiding in my cells and therefore need to be purged. Purge these beliefs by shining light on them, and they will stop manifesting.

I took the time a few weeks ago to do an extended dance mix of my morning meditation. This time I joined in a ‘live’ on-line meditation, which I enjoy because it pumps up the energy. We began by focusing on our pineal (behind the third eye), then opened the chakras front and back around the heart centre, opened our hands and feet chakras, grounded ourselves, into the New Earth (subtle but important difference), connected to our soul self with a silver thread, then to our higher self with a golden thread, and then ran all the energy into the great central sun of our milky way galaxy. I imagine I am streaming in from out past this universe altogether, but connecting to the central sun is a good place to link into the source of my personal power and light. The invitation was to imagine what we wanted to bring into our personal field, and I decided it was time to be filled with the love and joy of my higher self, or my I Am presence. We were asked to quickly draw a symbol to represent that idea, and then place a glass of water over it to absorb the intention, and then drink it down. Well that night I went to a local restaurant, and danced to the band, like no one was watching. I didn’t worry about what the snowmobilers might think, I just let go. Well I filled with joy really fast. I’d open my eyes occasionally and see smiling women around me dancing, and then began to realize there were about 10 beautiful smiling men all around me too, dancing like no one was watching. I can only speak for myself in that experience, but I honestly believe that I was truly expressing my joy and love, and I was like a swirling satellite and the energy I was shining out into the world at that moment was being reflected right back. I was completely full, completely free, loved and happy.

Nothing is missing from our lives we cannot create for ourselves. We are divine beings. Believe you are made of love and joy and see what you can create too. This applies to our political and financial world, our communities and relationships, our physical health. In this new world we are co-creating now, it is about taping into your greater self, bringing it into our physical world, and letting it shine. See you on the ‘love train.’

—Kim Elkington

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