Sacred Journeys: March 2013

Spring arrives March 21st. In eastern Canada we are not yet seeing tree buds as they have been since February out west, but wherever we find ourselves, this is a season for dreaming what we would like to cultivate in our lives, and in the world. We have an opportunity to grow a garden together, unlike anything we have imagined before, and it is not only the seeds of intention that we are nurturing now, but how we align with them, that will dramatically impact what we co-create. We are learning to garden with our hearts.

The difference is profound. Traditionally we have seen things we would like to cultivate as existing outside ourselves, like success or love or happiness. Our garden however is actually within our hearts. As we cultivate the seeds of our own garden within, we begin to resonate the frequency of those seeds, such as love, or happiness or success.  As a result, we attract ‘like’ resonance, which means we draw more love, success and happiness to us.  This is the law of attraction. What feels different now is that we are quickly coming to understand we are each the source of what we experience in the world, because the universe reflects back to us, not the other way around.

We can change the world through what we choose to plant in the garden of our heart. As we become the change we seek in the world, the change happens. If we despair at the state of the world, which is easy to do, we plant despair. We can shift out of despair first by planting hope. Hope is a stepping stone toward full knowing. Knowing is when you become the frequency or resonance of the thing or quality you once sought. Imagine that garden!

This year we can step out of the illusions that we believe are true, and that limit what we choose to cultivate.

An important part of our evolution of consciousness lies in understanding the principles of resonance, and a new understanding of our heart as a multi-dimensional organ which is the portal to the source field. The evolved brain and ego serve this ‘high’ heart. The depth to which we ‘feel’ what we are creating, and the skill with which we ‘align’ with our vision, will determine how well we make our dreams come true. We have the ability to be powerful co-creators.

Western society has long isolated women from the decision-making, and as a result we artificially separated masculine (rational mind) and feminine (feeling heart) qualities. That imbalance is obviously what brought us to this terribly difficult place of war, survival of the fittest, and bottom lines. Since the second world war women have slowly rejoined society and masculine and feminine energies have also been set free for us to appreciate more fully. As co-creators it is vital that we work with both energies of creation. Thinking with our hearts is actually how we function best. We incubate insights (gardening in our heart) and then when our seeds have matured within, (feminine) we take action by stepping into the world (masculine) as the embodiment of the insight.  The universe then reflects back to us, what we are manifesting, and a path appears. When our action spring from ‘love’ in this way, our path is true.

So, what does this mean for us this spring? We can literally plant a new world into the ether. The best way to do this is to meditate, or go into our quiet place and connect into our heart and our higher self. You might have other terms, as ‘higher’ is an illusion as well. Going within might be a better image. I go inside my heart and then travel into the center of the sun, while my feet have energy connected to the earth’s core. When we are connected to source, or the unified field, we experience neutrality, calm, peacefulness and expansiveness. We are filled with love for self and the world. That is where we can form the visionary seeds we wish to plant into the new world. They hold a powerful resonance when created from that place in our ‘high heart’.

If you find yourself thinking:’ oh that is unrealistic’, or ‘that will never happen’,  or ‘the world is not ready for that’, that is your false ego talking, and it just knocked you out of your high-heart. Get back into your garden, because the universe might at that moment be returning your original resonance, and you’ll miss its potential to manifest, if you are somewhere else, filled with old self-doubt.

I was contacted recently, by someone who had read a new German translation of a sacred journeys column, from 2005. So I re-read the original and was reminded of how our ancestors, and wise indigenous brothers and sisters, who respected the high heart knowing, have seen this time coming for generations. I would like to offer you these two column links for inspiration, if you are interested. The first is the teaching of the Eagle and Condor prophecy, and the vital role of feminine understanding in the new energy (  ) and the second is about the new wisdom of a golden age, foreseen by our big brothers the Kogi of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who live at the ‘heart of the world’

( They are great reminders that the change we are sensing out in the world is real, and powerful, that it is all about knowing each of us is streaming in from the unified field, and that it is our birthright to be able to co-create a beautiful world.

Happy spring!

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