Sacred Journeys: March 2014

Announcing publicly last month that I was going to make a vision board really helped me to follow through with the plan, as I found myself distracted by a billion things. Part of the distraction was a mild anxiety about what I might discover about my life, that I was not wanting to focus on in too much detail.

Previously we had spoken about how  the vision board is really a very positive projection of where you are wanting to go in your life. Followed by fully absorbing that particular vision into your cells, so that nothing stands between you now and that future vision; so much so you know it already exists. That is fine in print, however in order to believe it in every cell you have to make room for it. That is where the skeletons come out to dance around and bite at your heels demanding a reality check. The inner voice gets yammering on about how you can’t possibly create that future if you haven’t come close to that so far.

It is a pretty interesting dialogue. In some respects it is true that if you are wildly unrealistic it makes the visioning less believable to yourself, and then only 30% of your cells believe it. On the other hand, as a co-creator of reality, empowered with an infinite number of subatomic particles to play with making reality, everyday, why should I not envisage being out of debt, happily in love and filled with joy and gratitude for my successful life? Why not? Well, you can, but you have to believe it.

For me, that is where the skeletons came in, and they certainly came out to dance. They sent me into a stupor of disbelief in myself, that only disappeared long enough for me to cheer Canada to another gold. I think it was after the women’s hockey game, and the fb cartoon with the captain of the men’s team, saying ‘play like a girl’, that I started to ease up on myself and imagine that everything was actually possible. Yeah team Canada for that!

The beautiful aspect of living a conscious life, is that you can sit down with a pile of pictures from magazines, cardboard, paint and glue, trusting that by applying your heartfelt imagination to a vision board, that life will show you what you need to do to make it real. My first board started out about my company, and in the weeks following I was staring deep into the shadow-lands of beliefs I have carried around with me for so long I barely notice them. They were deep miasmas’ that I actually accommodate, like pets, feeding and building little shelters for them so they can travel with me. Funny thing, as long as they are with me I can never get to my destination.

I had wanted to do a few vision boards, one for work, one for self and one for the world, and I realized they were all intertwined. Everything outside of myself, the things that happen to me, the life I have materialized, is all my story. On the inside I am looking out at the things that have happened to me, and discovering how I respond and how I store these responses. My mind might have moved on but I can see in the story, that I still carry responses into the future. It was fascinating to witness my objections to my wondrous future creations. Fears and limitations all over the playing field.

The actual day of making the board was so fun and creative, and I just observed the objections. The final piece became a triptych with lots of colour and interesting additions, even the cosmos as a floor, and teabags strung high across the altar like flags (well they look more like laundry drying on the line, but, hey its festive). It was a delight to see what formed.

Highly transformative work came from my little craft day. I highly recommend it. Now I feel like I’ve shed something in me that was a victim, that needed help from outside to get anywhere because on my own I was not enough. Having now seen the beast, I know how to insist that it not be allowed into any further meetings, engagements or relationships. The job now is holding conscious focus through practising self respect, and self love, so that it becomes ingrained. Being vigilant is a lot of work, but it will soon enable envisioning with 100% of my cells, and then the vision will manifest.

Feeling tired and grateful and ready for a medal ceremony for my efforts.

Perhaps that would be a good project for this month, to make a list of all the things about myself that are fabulous, and imagine what the wizard of Oz might give me by way of recognition. Next step will be getting out the glue gun again and making that prize. Getting excited already. I imagine some friends might want to bring their lists and have fun too.

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