Sacred Journeys – March 2015

With March 21st comes the official birth of spring, when the days and nights are of equal length. Spring feels a long way off today, as I warm my feet by a fire after playing road hockey all afternoon. Meantime, on the other side of the country, a friend on the west coast is enjoying the sight of crocuses pushing their way up under fog and rain-filled skies, so spring is definitely emoting somewhere in this vast country of ours. Regardless of how it appears on the ground, the dance of the planets around our sun helps us celebrate the balance of both sunshine and starshine.

This spring the energies are highly charged. Above us in the sky, Uranus and Pluto will square for the 7th and final time on March 16, setting the energetic stage for us to create a new world. Days later, the new moon on the 20th will bring with it a total solar eclipse. Added to the delicious symbolism of endings and new beginnings brought by the 7th square and the eclipse is the fact that the new moon will be at 29 degrees of Pisces, the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac.

The balance of spring will be most welcome. I have been finding the energy since winter solstice highly stimulating, and it is no wonder as we dart between the end of one way of being, releasing what does not serve us, and then being zapped with highly stimulating seeding energy. It is all new and undefined, so it can, at times, feel giddy and then overly reactive and stressful. Certainly I can flash on times when I, or someone I know, seemed quite out of character in our ‘reactions’ and emotions were stirred  enough to shake the foundations of how we saw the world and our relationships. Makes the world wobble when it happens, and then it passes through. This seems to be the nature of the adamantine soup we are swimming in this first quarter.

Something else I have been noticing, on a positive and co-creative note, is that I can make things happen. It seems to be important that I make a statement of belief and that it is said out loud, and more than once. Even if it is meant as a joke or exaggeration, if I say it enough times, it will happen as well. As a recent example, I was asked what my average web-based tea sales are in a day. I confessed that I normally have no idea – I am just glad people are getting what they want, when they want it (total hippie marketing). But this person nudged me to specify a figure and so I grabbed a number out of the air. Since then, that number has become the total sales I get every day. It blew my mind once I saw the pattern and knew I had created it (well, co-created it, with the invisible world).  I imagine lots of similar examples are happening to all of us these days.

And then there’s the classic jolt of synchronicity – I will pick up the phone to call someone and it does not even have a chance to ring, because they picked up the phone to call me just as I thought of them. I’ve even been in the room twice recently when this has happened to other people. There is now a quality of psychic manifestation, or intuitive knowing, where we experience a lack of separation between ourselves and the ‘creative potential’ in this new ‘soup’. It feels like we are being given training wheels to help navigate the subtle changes; showing us how we are directly engaged in co-creating our life. Part of the training is highlighting how it is getting much easier to manifest change when I think with my heart and speak it into being. I am looking forward to a world where we can make good things happen for each other as our skills evolve.

With all this crackling energy around us to create a new world, it is important to know what you want to manifest. Directing the energy with goals, with intent, is important I think. It is very challenging for me personally. I get so ‘busy’ that I fail to really focus on my goals. Thinking them to myself wistfully, occasionally, might work a little, but the planets have sent their energetic tools so I can really make things happen. I need some discipline and structure to focus the energies.

Recently, I was offered a great exercise that applies beautifully to where we find ourselves right now in the world: Begin by visualizing yourself a year from now. Imagine all the positive changes that have taken place in your life. Really see them all, in the many facets of how your life is expressed: your relationships, creative expression, financials and work, travel, world politics, your spiritual practices. Describe it to yourself clearly and experience how it ‘feels’ to be in this new reality.  Now look more closely at what decisions you made along the way to enable this new reality to exist. How did you help make it happen? Take notes of your future-scape and hold on to them to read in a year.

What I like about this exercise is that it enables you to  energize the path between you, in this now moment, and you at the end of the year. By ‘feeling’ what you are ‘thinking’, merging mind and heart (which is a key manifesting tool in the new world), you are throwing yourself a phosphorescent trail that will light up your way.
Remember you are fully supported this spring to birth your heart song.


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