Sacred Journeys: November 2013

I have just participated in a global meditation/focus on Fukishima, where we were invited to work together energetically to assist in stabilizing the situation in and around the reactor. I have enjoyed being part of global meditations for many years, decades even, and now the internet is making it so much easier to co-ordinate. As each of us is connecting more meaningfully to our larger presence, not only are we, the individual participants, evolving, the experience of our connection is enormously richer and dare I say, powerful. I was trying to describe it recently, and at the time all I could come up with was an analogy to the tingling you can experience in your lips some times when you are eating, only this is like a tingling throughout your whole body, and I think it comes from ingesting new kinds of energy.

Global initiatives to focus on a problem or issue in the world and send our support energetically create such a fabulous ‘high’. My sense is that the space between particles within our body are actually the unity field, and are dimensionally outside of the physical requirements of our material 3d reality. The unified field within and around us, is outside of time and space, and is therefore all places in all times. So when we now get together for these large focused efforts, the unified field responds to the collective focus or stimulation, and suddenly we find ourselves connected to each other in an alternate dimensional expression. We need a quantum physicist to explain it, but wow, when you link in with the group, your whole body begins to buzz, you feel like you are actually breathing light, and can almost hear the ‘sound’ we make together. Perhaps social drugs are appealing because we have a deeper innate longing to initiate this type of natural social rapture. Like any skill, we have a lot to learn about what we can do ‘together’ and I am sure the colours and experiences are going to blow our minds the better we get! The real love drug is here, and it’s us, caring about each other.

Getting better at experiencing the new sensations of evolving into unity consciousness involves getting our physical, mental and emotional bodies tuned up. I don’t know about your self, but I can be fine one day and then feel like a bag of rocks the next, and my body is needing me to change some habits. Number one is changing my diet and being vigilant about my water intake. I turn to my intuition first to get a sense of what my body is wanting, and then I use both muscle testing and a pendulum to confirm my intuition. This system lets me get answers I trust, fairly quickly. Many people are tweaking their foods these days. My body is recommending I go vegan eventually, but for now, to just eat fresh veggies and nuts; no sugar, fruit or grains for three weeks. Apparently at 6 days I’ll start to shift, and feel fabulously energized and clear.

Emotionally and mentally I am very focused on embodying self-love.

No judgments, no rolling of the eyes about any part of me, be it my belly or bank balance. How can I live as my authentic presence, if I am being critical or disappointed anyway? None of us can truly take advantage of the possibilities that are here for us as co-creators, if we are dragging around anything that suggests we are not up to snuff in some way. That is the old way of being. In the new way we are full of potential and the only thing holding us back is our habit of sleep-walking.

Part of the mental exercise is being conscious of my thoughts, and shifting them (even to the point of fixing my dreams so I get a better ending). Another, has been giving my ego a promotion. Rather than its old job of protecting me, which it did almost too well at times, I asked it to instead become an internal director, assigned to the task of aiding in my divine human upgrade. Now when I ask if the coffee is good for me, I get a clear answer that it is not, however I could have it on a Saturday as a treat if I give everything up for three weeks first. Team player, and on my team, no hidden agenda. Feels great. We are working together everyday to learn to communicate clearly and openly about what I need to thrive.

Celia Fenn, in an online article (New Earth Energies Oct 2013) reminded me that our culture uses the ego to search for fear so it can protect us, rather than searching for unconditional love, so we each can move out into the world. So that is what I am seeking now, to see how many of us are awake and wonderful and ready to help change the world. Some of us are on the ground at demos, some behind the scenes, some in court, some signing partitions, some volunteering and perhaps all participating in a a focused world intention/meditation for social change. There is the old adage ‘Whatever we seek in the world we will find’, so why not seek love and evolving unity consciousness. As part of that unity consciousness I am sending letters of encouragement to the green peace crew held in Russia, and today emailing the New Brunswick premier with a reminder that peaceful environmental protestors are not terrorists. So we make ourselves visible, and we bring unconditional love and unity consciousness with us wherever we go.

So if you’d like to get on the next global ‘love train’ there is a global meditation on Nov 3 at 10 pm (Children of the Sun has an audio online if you like), which also happens to be a full solar eclipse.

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