Sacred Journeys: October 2013

How are you feeling since the Equinox? Feeling lighter, less out of focus, a little more optimistic about both your future and the worlds?  I notice my trust is back about my own insights, and confidence that we are definitely operating in a new playing field.  Nine months ago at the gateway of 12:12, the world did end as we knew it. We’ve spent the last nine moths incubating, and at this Equinox, we were birthed into a new field of potential.

No child is born ready to go, but the potential for growth is all there, and just needs time and nurturing and love. Be patient, but trust the changes have taken place. Our next period will be all about learning to see and listen differently because we moved out of duality consciousness and into unity consciousness and we will need to learn to operate differently.

For example in duality we have sides, opposites, right and wrong. We actually believe the other person is not allowed to have a different opinion, because only one side is right, and the other a loser. So now, with unity consciousness we are going to find ourselves making decisions that generate the  greatest good for the greatest number. Not for the highest profit for a few, which we all know is ridiculous. We will notice a shift towards balance, and celebrations of diversity. Each of us will be recognized as a unique resonance essential to the vibrancy of the collective whole.

Some quick examples are the wonderful new pope, and the diffusing of the middle-east through the threatened use of chemical weapons. Not quick solutions, but completely new ways of negotiating will tumble into being, faster than we thought possible, while the web keeps watch.

I hope you have had a chance to connect in to the energies streaming in after the Equinox. If not, you can do so  at any time (see below).  I met with friends to celebrate the alignment, with dinner at a cabin, followed by ceremony of our own creation, for desert. Around a beautiful harvest altar we called in the directions and elements, and opened into a meditation. (Here is a visualization, and you can do this at anytime and still feel its effects. Ideal to lie down, feet apart (nothing crossed), palms up, for 5 to 10 minutes)

We started in our heart and moved our focus  up to the Sun, through to the great central Sun of our universe and straight through to Source. We drew that magnificent Source-light back down through the Sun and in through the top of our crown, filling our body, and out the bottom of our spine, into the equally bright light of the Earth’s core. The Earth welcomed our offering  of energy and returned a beautiful light, filled with her unique energy of creativity and joyous fecundity, that moved up, through us and out our crowns, and through the Sun directly to Source. We enjoyed this flow of energy as it flooded our bodies, breathing deeply. We visualized opening the energy of our hearts, that were now filled with the unconditional love of creation, forming an egg of love around us seven feet wide. We then called in the highest versions of ourselves that exist out side of this earthly time and place, we used the term “I AM Presence” to represent that aspect, and then invited the Council of the Golden Dawn and Arch Angel Michael to assist in accelerating the integration of the Equinox energies. (They offered earlier to assist anyone with this integration so ask away!) We connected to all the other light weavers around the world working on peace, believing in the unity consciousness we are co-creating together , and then we said the words in our head: “We ask that the energies of Equinox be accelerated and integrated into our Presence, in a good and sacred way”. We let the energy come for the next 10 or so minutes.

Later, keeping our eyes closed we began to share in soft voices what we were sensing. It was like discovering we were in the same dream. Each described feeling opened up through fire and heat, and sensed orbs of fire in each hand. We sensed our chakras spinning and a few above and below our spine; felt spirals moving through our spines; sensed we were being adjusted; felt very high up.

We came away from the experience with a deep knowing that the world has absolutely changed.  We had made the leap.It seemed the same because we were not really using our new perceptions, but after all we are just newborns.

The tools we need to start exploring: listen to the universe; listen to your heart; love more; love all of us. Welcome to the new world.

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