The Wall Tea Infuser

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We have found the simplest and cleanest way to infuse tea herbs in a single cup—The Wall™ tea infuser! This glass cup has a fused glass strainer on the preferred drinking side to act as a filtration barrier to keep the leaves from your mouth, allowing for a full, unconstricted infusion to occur.

Algonquin Tea Company The Wall Tea Infuser Cup

The Wall™ Tea Infuser
Simple. Beautiful.

heat resistant • fully recyclable
dishwasher safe • microwave safe

We love this cup. Take it camping and put it right on the fire. It’s perfect to use with our artisan-cut loose teas.

Each unit is handmade from 100% borosilicate glass (laboratory grade, heat resistant), and have proven to be extremely durable through extensive testing.  Because the entire unit is made from the same material, they are fully recyclable as well as dishwasher and microwave safe!

Available in two sizes: We have lots of 440 ml left-hand and right-hand options, but we have only 2 remaining of 310 ml left-hand versions.


$25.00$30.00Select options