Workshop Costs and Details

 Workshop Fee

Includes taxes, your campsite, all teachings, hot enclosed outdoor shower and all your meals. All the fresh, tasty food is organic, much of which is fresh-picked that day from our organic gardens.

 One day workshops
(wild edibles 1,2 &3, making herbal teas, herbal medicine 1&2, Fall Harvest 1&2):
9am to 4pm $65 (lunch included) 

Sacred Gardening : July 12-13  $140 = starts 10am Sat – 4pm Sun  (includes breakfast, two lunches, dinner and snacks)

Intuitive Healing with Plants : Aug 2-4, 2014 – $220 10am Sat – 4pm Mon (includes breakfast, two lunches, dinner and snacks) 

 Workshop Hours

The first day of the one day workshops starts at 9am, the two day and three day workshops first day starts at 10am.  If you feel you have a very long drive and would like to arrive the night before, please let us know and arrangements can be made to do so. Please park in the parking lot, just past the main driveway, and make your way up to the house. Our dog, Sophie will likely greet you, she’s a very friendly girl.

What You’ll Need

For spring and fall workshops, please bring clothing to prepare for all kinds of weather. Rain gear (coat and boots), a toque, wool socks, long johns and a sweater are recommended. We can have very warm days too; do bring something for those days. Light coloured, light weight long sleeved, long pants are recommended for bugs (they are repelled by light colours), a hat with a brim and bug repellent (burt’s bees is what we use) and a bathing suit to take a dip in the pond at the end of the day!

If you are tenting, bring your own groundcover, tent, sleeping bag, pillow, anything you need to be comfortable. Dorm spaces are provided with bedding and pillows.

Other Things

  • alarm clock
  • flashlight
  • toothbrush, facecloth, towel, other toiletries


We have a communal outhouse, with washing station, and our new enclosed outdoor shower and sink for washing. Please be sure your shampoo and soap do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or any of it’s relatives, as the water from the shower is on a grey water system, and goes back into the land here. If you are unsure, there will be both shampoo and soap provided that you are welcome to use.

We have two ponds that you can take a dip in.

If you are an early morning riser, we have an outdoor kitchen, where you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee.


The workshops all take place in the Upper Ottawa Valley, either at our farm in Golden Lake or at our property in  Whitney, both of  which are accessible by bus. The distance to drive is about 1.5 hrs from Ottawa and 4.5 hrs from Toronto or Montreal.


We’re flexible, mostly ovo-lacto vegetarian food but can accommodate vegans as well as most allergies. We encourage participation in clean up. We find a rich balance in happens at meals, through everyone’s eclectic taste and experience, nutritional information and political views, balanced by the simplicity of what’s coming out of the ground.


For booking or other question please call us at 613-625-1106 or email

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