Wild Edibles 1- Early Spring

cattail copyWild Edible 1 “Early Spring”– Learn how to identify, ethically gather and deliciously prepare the wild offerings of this season      May 3, 2014


stevencattail2 copy“The Earth gives us what we need when we need it”. While many people have heard this adage, how many people actually understand it and are steeped enough in tradtional Earth wisdom to receive the gifts of the season. Some folks might know about what fiddle-heads to eat or wild leaks but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Last year in this course, I was told by someone documenting the teachings that we looked at over one hundred different plants. All of which require not only clear identification (often at times when plants are difficult to identify – early or late in the season) but the knowledge as to when and how (physically and ethically) to harvest them. As well as the knowledge of how to prepare, process or store them.

I continue to learn about our wild plants friends after thirty years of working with them and twenty-five of teaching about them. You will leave this course with not only a more secure knowledge of survival (beyond that of farming or the supermarket) but with a new view of the Earth and Her natural bounteous and nurturing spirit.

The three separate days of the course are set at times of year when the Earth is perhaps the most giving. The Wild Edibles 1 teachings are geared towards the time directly after the long winter when we need plants that are cleansing and revitalizing. This mostly consists of sweet roots and early greens. Wild Edible 2 is set a little later in the spring, when we have recovered from the winter and we need plants to build our strength. At this stage the greens are more developed with more flavor nutrients and gentle medicine. And at this stage the plants can also be more easily identified for summer harvesting (which will also be covered in the Intuitive Healing course at that time). In Wild Edible 3 the plants have stored their riches from the months of growth in spring and summer and thier medicine and nutrients are exactly what we need in the fall to prepare for and sustain ourselves in the winter.

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