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Foster your love of the Earth and reconnect with her wisdom through our Earth Wisdom workshop series.

“Enlightening, inspiring and refreshing! The permaculture workshop completely shifted my mentality on organic food production and opened my eyes to the wonderful philosophy of wildculture.  I enjoyed every bit of it. Amazing teachers, company and delicious food! I will be coming back to participate in future workshops!
Sylvie, partipant in Permaculture/Intuitive Healing

2014 Earth Wisdom Workshops

One day workshops

Wild Edibles Series: “The Earth gives us what we need when we need it”.
Wild Edible 1 “Early Spring”
– Learn how to identify, ethically gather and deliciously prepare the wild offerings of this season  May 3, 2014
Wild Edible 2 “Late Spring” – Learn how to sustainably harvest and prepare this season’s special wild offerings   May 25, 2014
Wild Edibles 3 “Autumn”– Come and learn how to ethically gather and deliciously prepare, process and store the wild offerings of this season.  Oct 11, 2014

Making Herbal Teas – How to harvest, dry, store and brew single and combination blends of herbs
June 14, 2014

Herbal Medicine Series:
Herbal Medicine 1– 
Hands on learning from harvesting local plants through to end product. Learn how to make concoctions, decoctions and tinctures. August 23, 2014
Herbal Medicine 2- 
Hands on learning from harvest to end product, how to make creams, salves and scrubs. August 24, 2014

Fall Harvest Series:
Fall Harvest 1-  Fall Harvest 1 “Fermentation”- Learn about and participate in making different Fermentations Sauerkraut, Kimchi, sourdough bread and mead, among other delicacies! September 27,2014
Fall Harvest 2- Learn about and help preserve the fall bounty through canning, drying and cold storage- September 28, 2014

Two day workshops:
Sacred Gardening – In this two day workshop, we’ll spend one day at the Golden Lake Farm and one day in the Forest Gardening just outside the East Gate of Algonquin Park learning about a sacred approach to integrated polyculture and many sustainable methods of growing.   July 12-13, 2014

Three day workshops:
Intuitive Healing with Plants – Intensive workshop for learning about both our innate healing abilities and the deeper properties of plants    Aug 2-4, 2014

“The healing power of nature reveals itself to me everytime I use the salve we made in the Intuitive Plant Medicine workshop. Taking off the lid to the jar of salve is like slipping through a portal back into the flower filled field of summer. Now that it’s November, I really appreciate this!” -Maya, participant in Intuitive Healing Workshop

Here at the Algonquin Tea Farm the cultural role of our workshops has become crystal clear over the last two decades. We teach the vision and skills of traditional living, herbalism, permaculture and alternative building, but our aim is always the same; “To make the Earth come alive for our visitors who have lost touch with Her” and to “enable them to become part of a extended community that keeps this sacred knowledge alive.”

To help our guests become deeply, spiritually, personally connected with a small aspect of the real Earth is our goal. When this seed grows and blooms within us another deeper more meaningful dimension is revealed and the World literally comes alive. So when our guests go home, they go with a new vision of Nature and take with them a host of deep relationships with the plants, animals, people and other relations who have come alive for them during the workshop to act as their teachers and guides.

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