Herbal Medicine

HV2 copyHerbal Medicine 1– Hands on learning from harvesting local plants through to end product. Learn how to make concoctions, decoctions and tinctures.
Herbal Medicine 2- Hands on learning from harvest to end product, how to make creams, salves, scrubs…

Both the Herbal Medicine courses 1&2 are geared toward the practical use of local herbs to heal our families and our selves. The traditional skills that are demonstrated through hands on practices in these courses are knowledge that two or three generations ago were common, but which these days very few people can claim any mastery over. Many people are intimidated by herbal medicine making, and indeed learning these things from books or YouTube video does not lend itself to confidently taking your or your families health into your own hands. But when these things are taught in person, when you are immersed in the processes they become unforgettable and very easy to grasp and emulate. Come help yourself and this knowledge stay alive, spread it and let it become our birthright once again. Two one day workshops on successive days. 

Herbal Medicine 2 -August 24

Herbal Medicine 3 Intuitive Healing with Plants

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