Intuitive Healing with Plants

Instructor: Steven Martyntree

3 day Herbal Workshop “Summer” – Intuitive Healing – Intensive workshop for learning about both our innate healing abilities and the deeper properties of plants

We have all evolved for millions of years with the plants that surround us, yet to many they are strangers. This course is designed to help us overcome this separation and in so doing find a world of healers waiting to aid us.

While this shamanic ability is traditional it is not something that is easily taught. This is because while there are exercises and techniques to move us in the right direction (which you will learn in this workshop) it ultimately depends on our own discipline and ability to find a quite place of connection deep within ourselves. Part of the reason this workshop is three days is to give the participants a chance to slow down enough to connect with our deeper self and hear the plants. It is from this place beyond or between our unending personal dialogue that we begin to hear the deeper voices of both our self and Nature. Through this dialogue we discover a lost birthright, the gift of Natures healing.

All plants are much like people in that they have a character or nature. This nature can be sensed and seen in the environment that surrounds them as well as their physical appearance. This knowledge is known as the “doctrine of signatures” which indicates what healing properties that plant has.
Three days Aug 2-4, 2014

When we enter into this deeper place, the plant people can physically and psychically guide us into a healing place. Sometimes just the presence of a plant, or a flower essence is enough, and sometimes we need the plants physical body to merge with ours for the healing to happen.
—Steven Martyn

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