Making Herbal Teas

c1fb663192376ad82d6dd86567ae7500 9am to 4pm

Many people make and even blend their own herbal infusions. But very few actually have any idea what there are doing. Making herbal tea is an art which takes many years to master. This art is recognized in Japan and they only work with one herb! The English also have their own ritual and procedures for how to make a good cup of tea, and again this is just with one herb. In Ontario there are over a hundred plants to make tea from.

So what’s involved in making a good cup of tea? Well, there is the quality of the herbs themselves, the right part of the plant picked at the right time in the right way and wilted (dried) and stored properly. Then there is the physical method of brewing. With using multiple plants, aspects of blending are intuitive in exactly the same way as cooking. This involves knowing the tastes you are working with and being able to harmoniously put them together like notes in chord. But herbs are also medicine and as often as not plants that may taste good together are not sympathetic medicinally. I see this mistake all the time even in commercial blends where they use mint with chamomile or lemon balm, carelessly piling flavors and differing medicinal effects on one another.

3ea5386aa02acec457864bf2b8c99d5eIn this course I will teach you how I formed the Algonquin Tea blends and how you can customize blends for yourself and your family to fit your environment, mood and medicinal needs.