Sacred Gardening Permaculture

cherryblossom copyAll gardening is sacred in that it is a form of intercourse and procreation that births new life. This sacred bond and agreement this was clear to our ancestors, which can still seen in the agricultural term “husbandry”. Gardening and marriage have many things in common. But while our ideas around marriage have changed from the patriarchal concept of ownership or possession of the feminine to a more egalitarian relationship, in our agricultural relationship to the Earth we still act and think that we own the land and can do what we wish with Her. There is a long history of our “dominion over” the Earth and many modern laws and philosophies which support this view. But this controlling approach breaks our ancient contract with Her and is also antithetical to our otherwise humanitarian and environmental modern view.

Having first learned how to forage and then later how to garden, I was spurred on over many decades to developed a way to truly work co-creative and cooperatively with the Earth. The results of these unconventional “experimental”

gardens, feed my family friends and guests, which clearly proves this co-creative way not only honors the ancient agreements but can also be productive.
The wild forest garden on the Madawaska is a based on a Native garden of successional polyculture and is almost twenty years old. The many no-till/lasagna/permaculture “home” gardens at golden lake demonstrate different aspects of co-creative gardening that physically /spiritually honor our ancient contract with the Wild, which has given us both the earth and the plants we need to nurture our lives.

(2 day) July 12-13
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