Sacred Blend

Vision • Communion • Clarity » These three sacred herbs bless us with a healing sense of communion, tranquility and focus, for which the herbs are known by native americans.

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Homestead Blend

Cold and Flu Blend » Named for the pioneers who enjoyed these herbs for fighting colds, fevers and flu, as well as being a delicious and soothing drink.

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Lucid Dream Tea

Enanced Dream Recall » Handpicked by canoe in the Algonquin wilderness, sweet gale is a light flavourful herbal tea which is said to enable one to have more memorable dreams.

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Peace Tea

Security • Tranquility • Sleep » Peace tea instills the tranquility, patience and beauty of the earth. This rich, bittersweet blend grounds us in a flowing meadow of healing herbs.

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Sweetfern Tonic

Daily Immune Booster » This delicious and healthy, gentle tonic can be enjoyed daily. Carefully formulated to assist every organ in the elimination of toxins. Tastes like black tea.

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Awakening Tea

Balanced Energy Stimulant » Blends nutritious and supportive herbs with stimulating herbs, producing a balanced, uplifting tea that energizes without the side-effects of caffeine.

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Artisan Loose or Bags

Algonquin Teas are now available as bagged tea or loose, in bulk. We only use plants that are naturally occurring (indigenous) to the Algonquin bioregion—100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas.

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B&B and Retreat

If you would like to explore life in the country for a while, float on a river, or sit by a fire in a relaxed, cozy atmosphere, then Algonquin Tea B&B and Retreat might be the place for you.

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Reconnect with the Earth's wisdom through Sacred Gardener workshops. With every workshop, the aim is to make the Earth come alive for those who have lost touch with Her and to enable them to become part of an extended community that keeps this sacred knowledge alive.

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Permaculture Farming

The many no-till, lasagna or permaculture “home” gardens at the Golden Lake farm demonstrate different aspects of co-creative gardening that physically and spiritually honour our ancient contract with the Wild.

People love your teas. You can’t compare them to others—they’re in a league all their own. Customers really appreciate what you’re doing. —buyer at Whole Foods, Canada